Thursday, December 6, 2012

That Seven Year War's Itch !

A brief word about the blogs name sake; Furst Joseph Wendel von Lichtenstein.

See this link in Kronoskaf: 

This blog will give a glimpse into my exercise in playing with my SYW collection. I have at the moment many Russians in summer dress; many Prussians in full dress and many Austrians in undress (not painted yet). The orchestrator of this foray can be attributed to Sam Mustafa. Maurice is the latest offering from S.M., and as I liked his Lasalle rules so much, I gave Maurice a try. The rules are wonderful, they play solo well, and also give the chance to create an "ImagiNation" within a simple frame work.

  Here is the cover art to the card box from Maurice.

So, here are some brief samples of the armies; First the Russians.

And now for the Prussians.

Finally, the Austrians.

These are all  25/ 28mm figures from Crusader Miniatures, Wargames Foundry,
 and some RSM 25mm form Dayton Painting Consortium.

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