Thursday, December 6, 2012

Reviewing 100 Point Armies for Maurice.

Well here we go. The first army for consideration is Russian.

Immediately you will see I have two "Austrian stand-ins" as I await reinforcements from NorthStar (they are having a Crusader Miniatures sale through the end of may). 
The army has the following configuration:
Grenadiers     Elite         1 unit
Musketeers    Trained     6 units
Musketeers    Conscript   2 unit
Cuirassiers     Elite         3 units
Artillery                        2 units
National Characteristics
Steady Lads
The unit ratio is 9 units infantry to 3 units cavalry; so the 3:1 ratio requirement is met and my army's principle arm  is infantry. For National Characteristics; Steady Lads and Clerics are pick and paid for. I need to find some religious types I can modify to become Russian Orthodox priests. If not, I'll probably make up some markers with religious iconography and use those. I also have drawn two Notables for the army.

Due to his high rank, Filip Koreczki needs to be assign to one of the Elite Cuirassier units. Katzenov will earn his salt the first time my opponent "changes" the battlefield by adding disordering terrain,. Ah Ha!

So here is the army from it's right side.

And again from the left side

Next I'll present the Prussian army in detail and then prepare for my first fight of the rules. The Lite version has been played a few times and was very enjoyable, so, I'm looking forward to "road testing" the full version soon.

Reviewing 100 Point Armies for Maurice (pt 2)

The second amy up for a look is my Prussians. These are mostly a mix of RSM and Foundry. The empty trays represent a yet to be painted grenadier unit which will be replaced, temporarily for the battle, by one Conscript Fusilier and one Trained Musketeer units.

The Prussian configuration is as follows:
Grenadiers            Elites          2 units   (one replaced by 1 Cons. Fusilier + 1 Train. Musketeer)
Musketeers           Trained        4 units
Fusiliers               Conscript     3 units
Cuirassiers            Elite           1 unit
Cuirassiers            Trained       1 unit
Dragoons              Trained       1 unit
Artillery                                 3 units
National Characteristics
Lethal Volleys
The present unit ratio is 9 units infantry to 3 units cavalry; so the 3:1 ratio requirement is met and my army's principle arm  is infantry. I'll need to paint one more Fusilier unit and one Grenadier to complete my target army. In the meantime I can run the extra Fusilier and Musketeer unit mentioned above.
I choose Cadence and Lethal Volleys as national Characteristics because they fit my idea of a Prussian army's training. Like the Russians above, the Prussians also have two Notables to "accommodate" (smiles).

So, here is the Prussian army from the left side;

And, here is the Prussian force form the right side, please excuse the empty trays:

To finish the viewing, a close-up of Prince von Preussen Cuirassiers Regiment

Well then, I just need a free afternoon to commit the troops to battle. Looks like it may rain Thursday or Friday. Yard work will grind to a halt giving me the time needed for the fight.
So a battle report next weekend. Stay tuned.

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