Thursday, December 6, 2012

First Full Battle Using Maurice.

Well! Finally done with the household roundup. I had a chance to finally play Maurice.  Russians vs. the Prussians. Pulled a PLAINS card so terrain was seven pieces: village, wood, two hills, two marshes, and a field.

The Prussians were the attackers, so they picked up an extra unit of trained infantry. The rules cause the village to be the objective. The Prussian plan was to hold the front while their left swept around and took the village. There wers two cavalry units and one of grenadiers to accomplish this mission.

The Prussian infantry advanced towards the buildings and fell into line (Cadence).

The calvary, with the Notable von Thiesing in tow advanced upon the Russ cuirassiers. Unfortunately these were elites and the fight ground to a stalemate.

Both lines made a general advance and volleying began as soon as range was met. This went along well for the Russians. However, once more of the Prussian units arrive, the "Lethal Volleys" began to tell. Prussian artillery began to find the range of Katzenov's troops in the plowed field, and the russian commander spent precious time maintaining a respectable disorder level for them.

The Russian grenadiers held on to the village and even destroyed the enemy to their front. Katzenov'e regiment can be seen labored with three disorder, the general nearby. Fresh Prussians approach.

The Russians advance again to meet the threat, as we see the Prussian cavalry finally move to support the attack. 
It should be noted that the Prussian Grenadiers never had the attention of their general as he was using his cards to maintain pressure along the main battle line. A single infantry unit will get left out; I should have had the Grenadiers as the extreme right of the attacking line. Next time!

Returning to this picture above, and looking up the board, you'll see the developing Prussian assault on the hill where the ineffectual Russian guns were the target. You can also see a repeat  of the "lone unit", a proxy Austrian unit holding the far right of the line, never to see a card as the Prussians kept up pressure and distracted the Russian commander all game.

Again the cavalry melee bogged down, just adding more disorder. The Prussians pushed the enemy artillery off the hill. Those morale rolls, along with the demise of Katzenov's regiment (see the empty field), were enough to break the Russians. Though they still held the village, the objective went over to the Prussians as the Czar's army retreated from the field.
You will notice lone cavalry units for both sides that never saw activation. Again, the rules favor groups that are kept together. The Prussian Conscript units (Fusiliers) did fine, but their counter parts were shredded by the "Lethal Volleys" of the Prussians. The Clerics helped but just a bit.

The battle was a lot of fun, it only took three hours with 28mm troops. The game went through one deck and about half the next after a shuffle.  Next time I will try it using my back tables, this way I'll have more room for maneuver: 9' x 8" vs. today's 5' x 8'.  

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