Monday, May 2, 2016

Russo-Turkish encounter via Maurice.

Recently I completed a late 18th, early 19th century Turkish army. They made an interesting change of opponent for my SYW-era Russians. These new Ottomans are a mix of Old Glory and RSM figures.
I wanted a Russian defensive fight somewhere in Russia, looked about to see if there were any tactical scale maps around and settled on an old copy of Panzer Blitz. The three map boards were laid out; and I figured my 8' x 5' board would cover them 3 x 4 times. So, rolled the dice and randomly arrived at the battle of Adski. A defence of a valley and the town over looking it.

You can see Adski at the top left, the road in the foreground leads left through the valley. A random die roll made the village the objective. This roll was done after the Russian deployment. As I play solo the Ottomans then deployed to achieve their objective.


The Turkish commander opted for a frontal assault against the gun line on the center hill. Their plan was to wedge troops on high ground and flank to village of Adski. Their cavalry on the valley road would keep the right flank of e Russian position busy...hopefully.

The attack goes in, four trained Jannisary units and one elite unit ( just near the general) move to remove the guns and then turn left and right to consolidate the hilltop.

The Russian infantry put up a vailiant stand but they and the guns are seriously out numberd. Poor command cards prevent an other help from their reserves!

The gun battery is  nullified the Infantry defenders broken. As the Turks move futher up the hill, the Russian general funally gets some battalions moving to rectify the situation. 


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Maurice Goes To Huzzah.


Maurice for multiple players, a game for Huzzah, May 16-18 at the Double Tree, South Portland, Maine.

Well, I have reorganized my gaming life and have joined up with the Maine Wargamers. For the past 10 months I have enjoyed their gaming days and made new friendships. So, I figure it is time to give back.
The Maine Wargamers run a yearly convention called Huzzah. I have decided to help out, and wanted to use this as an opportunity to try a multi-player version of Maurice.
Here is my "poster" that will run on the groups Facebook page.

Below are the action tiles I'll use to tell me what each player has decided to do. The numbers indicate the number of extra cards to pull from the deck. I add these up and hand them to the CnC. Only he can perform an Interrupt action.  I have run a double deck of cards, and added about nine of my own design. Some examples are shown on the right, below.
I went ahead and made some purpose built game boards, they are 2 foot by 3 foot units. The two predominate terrain features during the fight were a dry river course and a mango orchard surrounded by a mud wall.

I had great fun making the elevated gun platform. I used basswood and an old pencil and some Museum miniature bullocks as traction. There is also an old Mike's Models elephant directing from the rear of the platform.
The elephants are acting as attached light artillery to the massed infantry units. They only fire if stationary and there is a volley phase. I decided not to rebase from Principle of war and just go with the routed on fifth disorder.

Here are some other angles showing Raju Sahib's princely forces. As you see I have given each CnC a Morale Loss chart to roll loses to morale on, once morale hits zero the game is done. Oh, that is Raju in the "circus" elephant.

Again, above on the right are the Mughal cavalry with their attendant zamburaks. These camel guns act as attached light artillery and fire only if stationary and there is volley phase. The right side picture shows the French troops that helped to prevent Captain Clive's advance upon Vendalur.

The long road to Vendalur, flanked by the dry river bed on the right and the mango grove on the left. Blocking the road a large contingent of fairly agitated Mughal troops, supported by their French allies.
Captain Clive has the Madras Europeans lead the way, followed by the artillery train and sepoy grenadiers. Hired light horsemen guard the column's flanks. More sepoy cavalry are just seen on the right. Another column is preparing to scout the grove.

Here from right to left are sepoy horse, Bengal Europeans, Bengal sepoy grenadiers, and 1st Bengal Native infantry. 

The Maurice rules have worked quite well through two play tests. I had initially had Raju decide whether he would command the cavalry force of the infantry force blocking the road. I have settled on the Mughal prince having command of the blocking force, and rolling a random die for a subordinate to have command of the cavalry. 

I found that in the first case, when the cavalry force became engaged, it was difficult to leave them to give command to the blocking force. This way the British have action to their front on all flanks!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Battle  of  Ueizig

Well, after a 6 month hiatus dealing with my father's estate; I'm finally back to some gaming. My local group doesn't favor Maurice and this leaves me with plenty of opportunity for solo play.

The kingdom of Bravance has won all the past encounter. Today the Hrvatskan army is attempting a southern run at the city of Brand. Unfortunately (read bad dice) they are caught, in march columns, short of their objective. The Bravancer army has caught them just as they enter the village of Ueizig.

The Hrvatskans march through the country side, into Ueizig. The lead cavalry unit will prove a problem.

The Bravancer forces are already deployed and waiting on the other side of the village. It should be noted that the cavalry are all Guards (elite)!

After two turns the Hrvatskan cavalry retrogrades and the infantry prepares to garrison the village. The plan is spoiled as the Bravance Fusiliers advance close enough to prevent the investment of the village.

Bravancer troops move forward, the general played and event that allowed moving two forces in the same turn.

The Hrvatskan cavalry reacts to a possible flanking by the Bravancer Guard cavalry.

Meanwhile, vicious street fighting occurs between the Musketeers and the Fusiliers. Both are disordered and fighting in difficult going.

Although they lost the fight the Musketeers were not damaged enough and the Fusiliers were required to fall back, disordered again.

On the Hrvatskan left, the conscript regiment in white is approached and volleyed by Bravancer musketeers.

The Hrvatskan artillery is deployed to protect the left flank, but the Musketeers charge the Conscripts. The white regiment is double and breaks for the rear.

At the same turn the Fusiliers resume their fight within Ueizig, finally breaking the defending Musketeers.

At the end of turn six, the center of the field belonged to Bravance.

Fearing envelopment the Hrvatskan cavalry maneuvers around the woods, and returns to their lines. 
You can just see the Bravancer cavalry beginning the move to charge the enemy guns in the flank!

Burning up cards quickly, the Bravance army complates the charge, destroying the artillery unit. Luckily the morale roll was a one, and no points were lost.

Down to their last morale point the red army begins to withdraw. But the guns are caught by a fast moving column  that has deployed and charged. The loss of this last artillery unit reduces the Hrvatskan army to zero points, ending the game.

In the battles aftermath, many of the Hrvatskan units were reduced in quality; while those of Bravance stayed about the same. The charge into the Conscripts gained the musketeers are promotion to guard status!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The battle of Reckling

Well, this is the third and last battle of the first campaign season. The Army of Bravance has been victorious once again. Let's see why....

The Hrvatskan garrison at Reckling.

The approach of the Bravancian army!

Hrvatskan relief force deploys for battle. (I'll apologize now for the unfinished bases ofd the Hussars)

On the distant hill can be seen the invader's heavy artillery bombarding Reckling; tough times 
for the already disordered garrison.

The white-coated Saxon regiment, in camp, outside Reckling, deploys into line of battle.

As the distant guns boom, Hrvatska's hussars reconnoiter the hill.

To no one's surprise, the valley floor below is carpeted in blue-coated Bravancian brigands!

Luckily it's turn 4 and the reinforcements have arrived; a trained regiment and its gun.

With the arrival of new supports, the Hrvatskan cavalry ride down the hill against the waiting sabers of Bravance.

Alas, the hussars are swept away by their heavier foes, while the Bravance Guard cavalry 
reels back from Hrvatska's cuirassiers.

Orders fly as the Bravance cavalry re-groups to charge the hill.

The defenders pull back their lone cavalry regiment to the support of fresh infantry.

Ignoring their own disorder and the threat of musketry, Bravance aggressively attacks up-hill against the enemy.

Bravance is rewarded for their audacity, the Hrvatskan cavalry bolts from the field of battle!!

The infantry lines continue to trade volleys.

By Wheeling into line a fresh reinforcement of Bravance's infantry peppers the Guard Grenadiers of Hrvatska.

Unable to reply to twice it's strength, the guard is destroyed by musket volleys.

With the hill secured and the grenadiers gone, Bravance can finish the flanking movement on the enemy's right flank.  Unfortunately, this leaves little energy to maintain the bombardment of Reckling.

Despite their disorder, the cavalry prepares to charge the lone infantry regiment that secures Hrvatska's right flank.

Confident his fresh infantry can hold off the weakened cavalry; the Hrvatskan general sends the remaining gun off to his left to engage the heavy artillery in bombardment.

A lesson learned the hard way, as the cavalry surprises the infantry and delivers enough 
damage to disorder them to rout.

This last fight brings the Hrvatskan Army morale to zero...end of game.

Well!  That concludes this first year of campaigning. All three engagements were won by Bravance. The Hrvatskan army has lost many elite units and must re-train and raise more to replace them. We'll see...